Which Kind of Blender Is Right for You?

If you frequently have to blend multiple ingredients together, you probably need some kind of mixer. Whether you need one for personal food preparation or for a large corporation’s production, you should understand the different kinds before you buy any.

Commercial Purposes

If you need to mix a large number of ingredients for wide-range distribution, consider an industrial mixer. These mixers are available in many sizes and have different attachments based on your needs. They also can be manufactured to withstand corrosive materials if you run a chemical supply company or another business that uses hazardous ingredients.

Baking Needs

These mixers work well for individual and restaurant baking. They usually have three main components: the stand, the bowl and the mixing attachment. When you cook different foods, you can use different attachments, such as dough hooks and whisks. With these models, you do not have to hold onto the blender to run it; you can flip a switch and let it mix the ingredients on its own. This design allows users to accomplish multiple tasks at once as they wait for the blending to finish. People who cook for themselves may find these machines to be the most convenient option, while restaurants that serve baked goods will consider them necessities.


Immersion blenders do not have the same convenience as stand mixers since they must be held by the operator. However, they do allow cooks to use a bowl other than the one that comes with the stand mixer. They work well for cooking on a smaller scale, such as for a smoothie. They can also be used for other household tasks, including the production of soap and other homemade beauty products. Make sure to keep blenders used for food separate from those used for other purposes.

Don’t be confused by the different kinds of mixers. Find the one that works best for your purposes and get blending.

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