Understanding What a Mixdrive is All About

The mixdrive is a fantastic technology that allows a person to mix substances without coming into direct contact with them. The mixdrive is used in pharmaceutical situations where the chemicals need to stay isolated. And if you are in a position to make the switch to this unique technology, there are some things that you will want to know regarding how it works and what it does.

The Basics Behind the Mixdrive Technology

The mixdrive is something that is revolutionizing the mixing industry. And the technology behind it is simply unique.

  • The magnetic mixer is put together with two different magnetic sets to help drive the unit.
  • The magnet sets are put together with a sturdy shaft to get things moving.
  • The magnets start the rotation and keep on going until the signal to stop is issued.
  • The tank is all one piece, which means there is not a seal to worry about.
  • The unit is self-contained, which means there is no chance of leakage or pollution.

The mixdrive unit is a perfect alternative to mixing substances that need to be contained. You will find that technology is perfect for your projects and is easy to run.