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Guidelines for Selecting a General Contractor

As most of us would agree, finalizing your construction plans can be very tough but a suitable general contractor can ease the task for you. Spending quality time to single out a general contractor can save you much time and headaches. There is a variety of general contractors, the reason one finds it hard to single out the most suitable. Below are some of the guidelines you should apply when hiring a general contractor in order to make a good decision.

Ensure a general contractor is licensed and insured. You should request the general contractor on your mind to provide copies of their licenses as well as insurance. Having a license guarantees of a general contractor whose quality of work aligns with what the law requires. In case a general contractor does contrary to the law, you will get recourse. Having the right coverage ensures your mind is at peace even when your project or the people undertaking your project experience the unexpected as compensations are given by the insurance company.

Hire a local general contractor. You should hire a general contractor whose physical location is near your place. This will allow you to visit a general contractor’s past clients and check the projects they worked on hence determining if they skills match what you want. An adjacently-situated general contractor can pass by and see how their team is carrying on. In addition, you will not struggle to get back to a general contractor who fails to do a good job.

You should get a written estimate. Before your project starts, get a detailed estimate covering all costs, the starting and finishing date, drawings listing your project’s specifications, and the specific materials to be used. Having a written estimate helps you to set expectations for your project. Additionally, you can always refer in case there arise a disagreement between you and the general contractor. Before you sign a contract, get estimates from different general contractors and check the quality of their past projects so as to make a viable decision.

You should check a general contractor’s experience. Ensure the general contractor you hire has been working on projects like yours over a long period. An experienced general contractor knows much about your project hence using the materials and skills guaranteeing a fine finish. Moreover, you can determine how much satisfaction to expect from a general contractor by calling his/her past customers. A general contractor can only last in the market for long if they prove reliable in terms of meeting deadlines, delivering a great finish, having the expertise, and pricing.

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