Inclusions in a Glock Trigger Kit

Inclusions in a Glock Trigger Kit

Inclusions in a Glock Trigger Kit – When choosing a Glock trigger kit, you’ll want to determine which parts you need and what you’re looking for. Then, decide whether to upgrade the trigger or work with the factory parts. If you’re going for a more cosmetic upgrade, you can easily swap out the trigger connector and most features.

Zev Technologies Zev Pro Ultimate Kit

Zev Technologies is one of the leading aftermarket manufacturers of Glock triggers. After two years of testing, they developed the Glock PRO Flat Face Ultimate Trigger Kit. This glock trigger kit improves performance and dependability. All required components are included in the package for simple installation.

The trigger kit includes a trigger bar, firing pin safety, and trigger spring. It is designed for a smooth and crisp trigger pull. It also features a skeletonized striker, similar to the ones found on standard Glock models. The safety lever is more comprehensive, too, making it easier to aim and shoot with precision.

Zev Tech triggers are designed for competitive shooters and come in several variants to fit almost any Glock model. They have a replaceable trigger bar that reduces travel and a widened trigger pad for more comfortable shooting. The trigger pad is the most durable replacement trigger pad on the market, featuring a riveted assembly process.

Timney Alpha Competition Series

The Timney Alpha trigger kit features all three factory Glock safeties and a machined aluminum trigger shoe. The trigger shoe is adjustable and broader than the stock version, making it easier to operate. The trigger return spring is an L-shaped design that fits over the trigger body and slide stop. In addition, Timney provides a tiny Allen wrench for the receiver set screw, a flat-head screwdriver, and a tool that bends the top leg of the trigger return spring so that you can insert the locking block pin.

In addition, the Alpha trigger comes with a factory firing pin spring. The factory firing pin spring is essential because it will last longer and give you reliable ignition over a broader range of ammo. However, if you want to keep your trigger’s weight under three pounds, you should replace the spring with a lighter one.

Overwatch Precision Complete Trigger Kit

Overwatch Precision offers several types of trigger kits for Glock pistols. Its DAT (Defense Applications Trigger) kit is a drop-in replacement for OEM Glock triggers. It also features an indexing hook for accurate trigger finger alignment.

Overwatch Precision offers a top-of-the-line drop-in trigger for the Glock Platform. It features Type II and Type III hard coat anodization and is machined in the USA. The trigger is also plated with Robar’s NP3 plating, a nearly impenetrable layer that resists corrosion. The triggers are available in flat and curved versions.

The Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT Triggers can reduce the length of the Glock trigger pull by as much as 20 percent. It is an excellent benefit if you shoot with smaller fingers. The Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT Trigger also provides a positive trigger pull and reset.

Tyrant Design CNC machined aluminum trigger

Consider buying an AR-15 trigger kit from Tyrant Design if you’re in the market for a replacement. They have over thirty years of experience in precision machining and are dedicated to bringing only the best products to the market. These trigger kits are made with the highest quality materials and will last for years.

The trigger kit is made from CNC-machined aluminum to improve trigger safety and comfort. It looks better than the black plastic trigger found on many AR-15s and is more ergonomic than the factory trigger. Its unique geometry helps it function more like an actual trigger and is significantly lighter than the factory trigger. It also claims to offer faster and more positive trigger resets.

This trigger kit is the fastest resetting trigger on the market. It is compatible with Glock models such as the 43X and the 48. It is a great way to enhance the accuracy and performance of your Glock. Whether you’re looking for a lighter pull, a more aggressive reset, or increased precision, the improved Trigger System from Tyrant Design is one of the best trigger systems available today.