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What You Need To Know About Wasp Removal And Extermination

Wasps are economically beneficial in some way because they feed on pests that could affect your produce. It is however important to note that they also pose a threat to your wellbeing. There are many different wasp species, some of which are dangerous and some which are not.

All wasps are known to live in colonies and their life span is basically one year. It is important to note that wasps only attack people if they feel threatened. Attacking even a single wasp without the necessary safety gear is not safe because wasps release pheromones when in danger to warn the rest of their colony and this could lead to an attack from very many of them. A wasp sting is painful but not fatal but stings from multiple wasps at the same time can be deadly, which is why you need to be careful when dealing with a colony. You will know you have a wasps nest in your home or workplace if you constantly see a lot of wasps flying around. Most wasp nests can be found in bushes, under trees, in your shed or in caves but it is important to note that some build their nests even in houses, which is why you need to be careful.

If you carefully follow the worker wasps, they will lead you directly to their nest. There are fewer wasps in spring, which is why this is the best time to remove them from your property. You should not attempt any wasp extermination on your won during the summer because this is when you will find very large colonies. It is important to note tat wasps are the least aggressive during spring, thereby making it the ideal time to deal with them. Exterminating wasps in a ground nest is easy because all you need to do is make a soap and water solution and pour it into the entrance of the nest, then cover the nest with soil. Do not disturb or attempt to crush a wasps nest because this will only trigger an attack from the nest guards. If there are a lot of wasps to deal with, contact a pest control company to help you rather than go at it yourself.

You need to hire a professional to deal with the wasps because only they can be able to treat a nest without having to remove it. A pest control company is able to treat a nest because they have access to insecticides that are not sold to the general public. Professionals have access to protective gear, which is another reason why you need to leave wasp removal to them. Buying protective gear to get rid of the wasps on your own is not practical nor realistic because it is very expensive. Wasps typically die some days after their nest is treated with insecticide and you can remove the nest if you are sure that there are no more left.

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