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Factors to Consider When Looking for a Solar Generator

Selecting the best solar generator has not been easy due to the many varieties offered in the market. In case of a blackout, most people want to have back up plans by having a solar generator. Solar generators that can be termed as reliable comes with different qualities.

The first thing you need to consider when looking for a solar generator is its battery capacity. It will be wise to choose a solar generator with a strong battery capacity that will offer you long service. Batteries that are not lithium based are usually less powerful, and they are also cumbersome. If you choose a solar generator that has a high charging rate, your lithium batteries might be destroyed in the process of charging.

You need to consider how heavy a solar generator is before selecting it. A small weight solar generator will be easily portable. It is beneficial to go for a lightweight solar generator that you can move easily whenever there is a blackout. There are solar generators that can be disconnected to make them easily movable without tampering its features.

You cannot ignore the factor of charge speed when looking for a solar generator. A slow charging solar means you will have to charge it for too long thereby inconveniencing your intended uses of the solar.

Expandability, in terms of the number of batteries the solar generator can carry is also a crucial factor. You cannot be in a position to use appliances requiring high watts if your solar is not expandable.

You should look for a solar generator with many ports for plugging in. A solar that has many plugs will allow you to use several appliances at the same time. Using power strips is not advisable since it can result in a trip of the fuse due to overloading.

The inverter size of a solar should as well be considered when looking for one. It will not be possible to use heavy duty appliances if you go for a solar with a small inverter size.

It is limiting to go for a solar that does not have the option of a car charging. In case the weather is bad for a solar charging you can easily rely on car charging provided the solar you have has that option.

A solar will offer long services if you ensure that it uses lithium-based batteries. Lithium batteries are known to produce more energy due to their light weight.

A good solar generator should come from a company that offers customer services and a warranty.

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