Extend the Life of Your Car

How to apply proper car maintenance isn’t something you’re required to take in high school, nor is it really a part of your driver’s education course. We tend to take advantage of the machines we depend on to get us places, but when we take care of our cars, we not only stay safe, but the people around us stay safe. The more you do to stay prepared, the longer you and your car will last.

The Long Haul

Most vacationers love a good road trip, but is your car ready to handle the mileage? Always check your oil levels, as well as your wiper and steering fluids, before you head out on the open road. It’s even a good idea to take your car in for a checkup to make sure you won’t get any surprises. If something does happen while you’re driving on the interstate, don’t be afraid to ask for help from the nearest gas station service technician.

Stone-Cold Preparation

The dread of ice and snow-covered streets strikes fear into many a northerner’s heart! Every winter, driving can become sleek and hazardous, so you want to be extremely careful during the times you’re forced to drive through a snowstorm. Be prepared beforehand with new windshield wipers and snow tires, and always keep an ice scraper in your trunk or backseat.

Spring Cleaning

It’s better for your car to be washed at least every other week to keep it looking new. April showers aren’t enough! Plus, when the weather is nice, why not clean out the inside of your car? Wipe off the smudges from your windows, dust your dashboard, and vacuum up the dirt and gravel that has collected on the floor. Perhaps top it off with a new air freshener. Then, not only will your car feel clean, it will smell like it, too.

Use a part of your weekend to take care of your car the way it deserves. With proper maintenance and repair, you could add years to the life of your car.

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