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Rules of a Machine Shop in relation to Ensuring Safety

A machine shop house all machine works. Machine parts made of raw materials of metal, wood, plastic or any other material are made here. It also houses tools and equipment that executes different roles. For this reason, safety is key in this kind of setup. All measures should be employed to ensure that no accidents occur and that the safety of the people working in the machine shop is maintained. If this is not put into consideration, there will be injuries resulting from cuts, burns, electric shocks, and many others. Read more here to learn more details on safety precaution in any machine shop.

Before starting a discussion on what to do and what not to do in a machine shop, let focus on a first aid kit. Accidents occur even after having all precaution measures in place. Various accidents are unavoidable. To ensure the victim get that real quick first aid attention, there should be an equipped first aid kit in the shop. With a first aid kit in place, the people around the shop can be able to attend to the injured person, even if they are non-medics before help arrives. The kit should include all essentials for first aid like pain killers, bandages, sterilized blades, disposable gloves, etc. Every staff in the shop should receive first aid training to familiarise themselves on how to go about an emergency case in the machine shop.

Clear and legible instructions, including symbols, should be displayed in the shop for everyone to see. The guidelines should indicate what to do and what not to do in the machine shop. It should also state what measures to take in case of fire outbreak. Additionally, steps to follow when there is a power outage should also be included so as to prevent damage to the machines and equipment.

To ensure there is enough air circulation, the room(s) should be well ventilated and lit. An emergency door should be provided and placed in a location accessible to everyone. Additionally, a fire assembly point is also important in cases of fire to allow take account of everyone who was in the building before the incident occurred.

When it comes to the mode of dressing, it should be clearly stated and emphasized. Any loose garment should not be worn inside the machine shop to avoid getting stuck in machines and equipment when moving around or incidences where the garment catches fire. Same case to open shoes or sandals. Anyone working in a machine workshop should be dressed in the right protective clothing. This includes protective overalls and safety boots for protection to the entire body. For the eyes, one should use the safety goggles to prevent from any foreign particles, and a protective helmet to be worn on the head to protect from falling objects. Use gloves to protect the hands from injuries like cuts or burns caused by getting in contact with harsh chemicals.

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